Our Vision, Mission and Values

The Judith Trust vision is that all people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health will be emotionally, socially and physically included into their communities in particular and society in general.

The Judith Trust works for all those with both learning disability and mental ill-health to identify and close the gaps that they experience in their lives (especially those of women and the Jewish community). The Trust seeks to ensure that the emotional, social, health and spiritual needs and concerns of this group of people are understood and met. The Trust works to enable their full integration and inclusion within society by developing new thinking, research and best practice.

The Judith Trust is:

  • Inclusive - we adopt a pragmatic and holistic approach to all our work
  • Caring – we are approachable, passionate, respectful and committed to the welfare of individuals who have learning disabilities and mental ill-health and their families.
  • Impactful – we ensure  our voice is heard and we make a difference  representing the needs of individuals
  • Honest - we listen to individuals needs and aim to influence and make change to ensure they experience a better quality of life
  • Gendered – we are the only organisation to take a gendered perspective in all of our work to address the issues faced by those with learning disabilities and mental ill-health
  • Jewish - we are the only organisation to focus our efforts in the Jewish community to address learning disabilities in people that have mental ill-health