Our Vision, Values and Goals

The Judith Trust vision is that all people with learning disabilities and mental ill-health will be emotionally, socially and physically included into their communities in particular and society in general.

Our Values and Principles

  • Effective – we ensure that our activities are directed to current issues and challenges
  • Positive – we focus on promoting the value of inclusion
  • Empowerment – we believe that awareness of and confidence in inclusion empowers members of communities to construct new possibilities
  • Quality – we are committed to the provision of high quality training and education services and to embracing change through continuous improvement and development

Our goals

  • We will work on behalf of individuals with both learning disability and mental ill-health and for those who support them to identify and articulate the concerns in their lives
  • We will achieve this ambition by the development and dissemination of new thinking and best practice through evidence-based research, advocacy, partnerships and training.
  • We will offer a unique focus on gender issues and challenges for women and for those identifying with the Jewish faith who have a learning disability and mental ill-health.
  • We will actively construct partnerships with other faith groups in order to achieve our ambition of inclusion
  • We will strive for organisational excellence by building a culture of inclusion, equality and diversity.

Click here to download the Judith Trust Strategic Plan January 2015