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20th Anniversary message from Annette Lawson

Dear Guest, Friend or Supporter, We were delighted so many of our colleagues, friends and supporters were able to participate in our 20th anniversary celebration at the Royal College of Nursing on Tuesday 13th June. […]

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Lawyer Zach Esdaile calls for Election pledge on Special Educational Needs and Disability

A young lawyer specialising in special educational needs, who himself has SpLD, has warned the parties in the upcoming election urgent action is needed to fix the disarray in the current state of English Special Educational Needs […]

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June 2017: Celebrating 20th Anniversary of The Judith Trust

13th June 2017, London. This year we commemorate 20 years since the Judith Trusts foundation. To celebrate all we have achieved we will hold a special event, to thank those who have contributed to our […]

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