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World Autism Awareness Week from NAS: How to support a child with Autism and Mental health issues.

The Judith Trust is thrilled to be supporting this years World Autism Awareness Week. We run projects and fund research into learning disabilities and mental ill health, promoting inclusion for all those within the community.  […]

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Judith Trust hands over Inclusion baton to JLGB for Jewish youth social action for all!

Judith Trust hands over inclusion baton to JLGB The Judith Trust announced this week that they have chosen JLGB to take on the next phase of their Inclusion Campaign, and will be funding the project […]

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Inclusion Tips for those with Learning Disabilities on Purim by and Jennifer Mizrahi

As the Jewish festival of Purim approaches, we at Judith Trust welcome any tips to promote Inclusion for those with Disabilities in the Jewish community. Purim commemorates the Jewish triumph in face of adversity in […]

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