Gender Issues

The Judith Trust focuses much of its work on the role gender plays in mental ill-health.

Some facts about gender and mental health:

  • Recorded rates of anxiety and depression are one and a half to two times higher in women than in men.
  • One study showed that 57 per cent of those attending emergency departments for self-harm were women.
  • Thirteen to fifteen per cent of new mothers experience postnatal depression.
  • Women in custody have a high level of psychological disturbance – 78 per cent, compared with 15 per cent in women in the general adult female population.
  • Nearly two-thirds of women on remand have a diagnosis of depression. More than 40 per cent have attempted suicide before entering prison. More than twice as many have an eating disorder compared with women in the general population.
  • One in four women will experience intimate partner (domestic) violence (IPV) in their lifetime.
  • Depression affects nearly half of women exposed to IPV, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects almost two-thirds.
  • Ninety per cent of the 1.6 million people in the UK who have an eating disorder are female.

Click here to read the ‘Women and Mental Health’ factsheet.



The Judith Trust would like to thank Mind for the use of their Factsheet ‘Women and Mental Health’