The funeral for Judith will be held at Hoop Lane Crematorium, Golders Green at 11.30am on Wednesday 11 September followed by a buffet lunch not too far away.

Please let us know if you are attending

Thank you

  • Judith’s FamilY


Judith’s family is sad to announce her death yesterday Wednesday 4th September 2019 at St Georges Hospital, London. Judith was longing to return to her home in Nightingale Hammerson House, but it was not to be.


We set up this Trust to honour her, someone who suffered from both learning disability and mental ill health and we know, especially but not only in the Jewish community, that we have had some impact. The work of the Trust is continuing as we seek to improve the life of people like her.


Judith had a special gift:  she inspired love and deep care from those on whom she was so dependent. We, Peter Lawrence and Annette Lawson and her five nieces and nephews thank all at every level and every way who cared for her throughout her life.


 Delighted With her 81st birthday cake May 15th 2019