Hate Crime Quiz

See how much you know about Disability Hate Crime, and in particular its impact on people with Learning Disabilities and on Women by taking our quiz

True or False?

1. Nearly 1 in 5 disabled people were victims of crime in England and Wales in 2011 


2. Usually people who commit hate crime against disabled people are strangers.


3.  Hate crime is usually people with disabilities getting hit or having their things taken.


 4.  Disabled young people are more likely to get bullied than non-disabled young people


5.  Most people who commit disability hate crime are white men aged 40-50 years old


 6. People do bad things to disabled people because they hate disabled people.


7.  If a disabled person gets murdered, there has to be a ‘serious case review’.


8. Disability hate crime only happens to disabled people


9. Disabled people always report abuse when it happens


10. If a person goes to the police, then the police will prosecute and the person who did it will go to court

11.  If a woman who is a wheelchair user is raped, this is recorded as both ‘violence against women’ and ‘disability-related harassment’


12.  Racist and homophobic crime disproportionally affects disabled people

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