Gregory’s Story

My name is Gregory.  I live in London and I get support from Norwood.  I go to a group called the Jewish Way of Life where I learn lots of different things.  I also like going to the Jewish Care Michael Sobel Centre in Golders Green.

My Shul is really near my house.  I used to see people going to shul and I wanted to go too.  I had help from staff at Norwood to meet the Rabbi and to start going to shul. We talked about what I should do in Shul, like where to sit, not talking in the service and to introduce me to people.

Going to Shul is an important part of my religion because I am Jewish.  I have friends there now.  I see them every Saturday.  I really enjoy the service and the kiddish.  I get called up to open the ark.

Last Pesach I went to a community Seder and I read a prayer – I felt really proud of myself.  I took another friend who lives with me, with me, because she is Jewish too and wanted to come.

I like reading the Shul magazine because I am part of that.  I was in the last magazine!

I have been shopping to buy a talis to wear when I go to Shul.

When the Chief Rabbi came to my Shul I met him, which was very exciting.

I am really happy that I started going to Shul.