Ultimate Review of the Honda EU2200i Inverter Generator

Let us face it, Honda is among the most notable engine makers. A prime example of this is that their generator line along with also the EU inverter series is no exception. They have recently upgraded the EU2000 model to the brand new EU2200i Generator along with the updates are remarkable.

The EU2200i stipulates a 10% boost in output. That's 200 additional horsepower than it's previous model EU2000i. Additionally, the weight, size and price stay the same! You read more about it's unique specs at http://www.ftejerez.com/press/assets/extras/power/honda-eu2200i-review.html

"The 200-watt power boost given by the newest Honda EU2200i generator provides users the chance to step up to greater applications and larger software over the EU2000i model, without a rise in generator weight, size or price. By way of instance, an additional 200 watts could signify the inclusion of a toaster, or even a box fan or even a pc, to what is being powered--adding up to higher worth."
-- David Bush, senior marketing strategist, Honda Generators.

People today buy 2000-watt generators for three reasons: work, home, and playwith. They supply a feeling of security. As David puts it, an additional 200-watts can go quite a way and maintain this device small and lightweight way it really can go anywhere! The concurrent connection means it is easy to connect 2 of those EU2200i generators together for double the power output with 4400-watt peak power but nevertheless have the portability to easily load and load single-handedly.

Well, I must mention this is one of the principal things that I enjoy about this generator and that's the fact that this will be quite quiet. I understand this is something which you may wish to think about if you're residing in a subdivision, condominium, or an apartment since it's quite silent. So that you don't need to be worried about the neighbors actually complaining about the loud sound which you would get out of a louder generator since it is easily among the quietest generators you may find in the marketplace at 48 to 57 dBA.

Can Function In Tandem With Another EU2200i

Whenever you're looking at those generators you may notice they're likely not to have a great deal of power by themselves. At precisely the exact same time, however, you'll discover it may let you operate in tandem with a different generator and this will let you acquire the excess power you didn't believe you'd have the ability to escape this Honda EU2200i.