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Judith Trust Grant Application Form 2017.18 FINAL
Grant Guidelines 2017.18 FINAL

The Judith Trust is seeking Trusts and Foundations as partners to support the work we do to close the gaps for all those with learning disabilities and mental ill-health. We seek to understand the needs of this group and advocate possible solutions based on the results and outcomes of the research we fund. Over the past twenty years, we have supported a range of research projects across the UK, and have a particular interest in the Jewish community. We also take a gendered perspective in all we do.

The organisations we support are experts in their area and we work together to share resources, expertise and to tackle shared issues. We lead the way on Inclusion through our Inclusion Campaign and have funded research on issues such as Forced Marriage and Hate Crime concerning people with both a learning disability and mental ill-health.

In the future, we aspire to work with new organisations who themselves offer to provide support, learning and ultimately, good practice. We would like to ensure that the projects we will co-fund and our partners fund are sustainable and well-resourced.

For 20 years, we have been reinforcing ‘closing the gap’ work through funding research, the Inclusion Campaign and sharing our expertise with those who support people with learning disabilities and/or mental ill-health.  Our future funding will be invested wisely and innovatively focused to support those who help to the close the gaps within our diverse communities.
We like to hear from you if you would like to partner with us to provide supportive and inspiring initiatives that help to promote change and empowerment through inclusion.

We are now accepting matched funded grant applications for projects to begin in April 2018.

Should you wish to apply please send your completed application form to by 5pm on Friday 1st December 2017.

Shortlisted applications will be asked to attend an interview on 11th January 2018

Please ensure to read our Grant Application Guidelines fully, to ensure all our criteria is met. If you have any queries or to discuss further please contact