Accessible National Publications

Accessible Information about Mental Health Medication

(Series of leaflets using pictures and simple English to describe 18 different types of psychotropic medication)

Forster, M., Wilkie, B. Strydom, A. Edwards, C. and Hall, I.

The Elfrida Society

All About Feeling Down

Townsley, R. and Goodwin, J.

Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

Books Beyond Words

(Series of picture books that provide information and address the emotional aspects of different events such as bereavement, going into hospital, being a victim of crime and feeling depressed)

Various authors Royal College of Psychiatrists and Gaskell Publishing

Coming For A Drink?

(Accessible booklet)

Band, R.

The Elfrida Society

Coping with Loss

(Accessible leaflet)

Scottish Down’s Syndrome Association

Coping with Stress

(Accessible booklet)

British Institute of Learning Disabilities


(Accessible booklet)


Drug Pack

(Accessible information pack)

Forster, M.

The Elfrida Society

Lets Talk About Death: A booklet about death and funerals for people who have a learning disability

Watchman, K.

Scottish Down’s Syndrome Association