Harrow Limmud was the first Day Limmud to include Limmud L’Am – Limmud for all the people, focusing on inclusion for people with disabilities.

Twelve people participated, going to a variety of sessions including music, poetry, cookery, and arts and crafts.  A picture-based, easy-read programme guided them through the day, with support from Limmud L’Am volunteers.

Limmud’s ethos is that everyone can learn and also teach, and sessions were therefore also led by people with learning disabilities.  Norwood Gifts led a session on mezuzah making, and the Autistix inclusive rock group performed both Beatles tracks and their own work.   Saul Zur-Szpiro, whose bar mitzvah experiences inspired the Judith Trust Inclusion Campaign, is the drummer in the Autistix and had a great time at Limmud.

The Judith Trust Inclusion Campaign session focused on Pesach as a festival of Inclusion, which you can read about in our blog