Our Work

From January 2018 the Trust changed the way it delivers its programme of work to focus on a strategy of matched funded partnerships that look to ‘close the gaps for those with learning disabilities and mental ill-health’.  The gaps in legislation, policy and implementation are those of principal concern.

Our primary goal will be to grant-fund projects aligned with the Judith Trust’s Strategic Objectives with a view to spending out the capital at the Trust’s disposal on projects and its administrative functions by 2021.

Our work is led by our Strategic Plan . Click to download : Strategic Plan 2017-2021 Strategic Objectives

Trust and Foundations

Important Announcement The Judith Trust:

Thank you for your interest in the Judith Trust and in our expected new round of invitations for funding applications.

The Judith Trust is not currently seeking applications for grants and is not intending to make new grants for the time being.

The Trust’s Board is in discussion with another organisation about a single possible destination for the Judith Trust’s remaining resources. We will announce the outcome of these discussions as soon as possible.

We wish you every success in securing funds from other available sources.


Since April 2018, the Judith Trust has provided a grant to three innovative and much needed projects. These all concur with the ethos of the Trust. As such, we have helped fund these important projects across different sectors

Inclusion Campaigns

The Inclusion Campaign works with synagogues and other Jewish institutions to promote the inclusion of people with learning disabilities and/or mental ill-health, and their families and carers, in Jewish community life, in what ever way they choose.