The Judith Trust, JCC and Norwood hosted their third event promoting inclusion through films. Following successful screenings of Praying with Lior and Steven Fry’s ‘The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive’, Including Samuel explored the issues of inclusion in education for children and young people with learning disabilities and mental health problems.

Dan Habib’s candid and emotional film explores how inclusion can be realised, and the challenges it poses. Following the screening, discussion focused on how the Jewish community can be more inclusive and why this is important. Participants talked about their personal and professional experiences, shared good practice examples and many undertook to support the Judith Trust Inclusion Campaign in their community. Some key comments were:

• Rabbis and leaders need to be proactive in reaching out to families
• The social experience of youth groups is so powerful
• ‘Every Child Can Learn’ Jewish studies too!
• Rabbis need education – their role is central
• How do we help adults who have missed a lifetime of opportunities?
• Achievement of people with learning disabilities becomes a role model for all
• There are no limits!