The Judith Trust have been working with Mitzvah Day over the course of the year.

Mitzvah Day is on November 16th this year. Mitzvah Day is a Jewish led volunteering drive which takes place across the world, where people from all different faiths and background take part in volunteering projects in their local community. There are a number of Jewish projects taking place all over the UK.

Mitzvah Day want people of all ages, and abilities to take part in volunteering. They have created a programme of volunteering projects that are particiularly suitable for people with additional support needs to join in with. Here is the list of projects.

Inclusive Mitzvah Day Projects

We have also created our 7 top tips for people running volunteering projects to include people with additional support needs.

7 top tips

If you want any help in joining in with a Mitzvah Day project please contact Eliana at or 07543 580 798 for London at or Jo at or 07967268084 for the North of England.

Here is the Mitzvah Day website: