We hope you find the following resources useful for Learning disability engagement in the community. These focus on Jewish festivals and Shabbat, please click on the PDF links for the resource.

Chanukah Jewish Festival Resources (via

Chanukah Sevivon Pictures

Chanukah Blessings

Chanukah Candles Go Out by Themselves

Chanukah Fire Safety

Chanukah Menorah Instructions

Oh Chanukah Song Picture Instructions


Going to Synagogue Resources (via

How People Behave in Synagogue

People Wear Special Clothes to Synagogue

Things I can do during a long Service

About the Torah Service



Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) and Festival Picture Resources (via

Shabbat Candle Blessings

Blessings on Fruit

Blessing on Bread- Hamotzi

Shabbat Kiddush Blessing in Pictures

Festival Blessing Shehechiyanu in Pictures