Inclusion Campaign Project Offer

My name is Eliana Zur-Szpiro. I am incredibly excited to have joined the organisation. What attracted me to the job is the same story that inspired the campaign, that of my brother Saul, who has autism. Having learnt about the struggle we faced in getting him barmitzvahed, and the rewards and joy that his eventual inclusion in this Jewish ritual brought him, us and those present, The Judith Trust developed this campaign to improve the inclusion of other people with learning disabilities and or mental health issues in all aspects of Jewish life, who similarly face obstacles. My experiences have made me committed to further these incredibly important efforts.

I want to continue the amazing work of the campaign, which has already developed partnerships with many Shuls in the UK, created excellent resources to help equip community leaders, provided free training to synagogues and youth movements, and partnered with the JVN to create volunteering opportunities for people with learning difficulties and mental health issues. I want to continue to reach out to people who may not yet realise that they are welcome in the community, through fun, accessible, interactive and informative events. This year, I want to ensure that every important Jewish institution, community centre, or activity hub, aswell as governing body has inclusion on their agenda, and to facilitate them in whatever way needed to enable this. I want our resources to be ubiquitous in the community, and for our organisation to be familiar as the place to turn for support when needed. It is my hope that, through our work, no one will be excluded because someone didn’t know how to include them.