The Judith Trust Inclusion Campaign is excited to be working with the Jewish Volunteer Network (JVN) and Langdon’s Brady CLub to support teenagers with learning disabilities to achieve the Yoni Jesner Award.

Yoni was tragically killed by a suicide bomb in Israel and the award aims to inspire others to follow in his path, as a dedicated volunteer with a passion for Judaism, education and giving back to the community.

To get the award, participants have to do 20 hours of voluntary work in a year.

The members of Langdon’s Brady Club who came to the launch session had lots of great ideas about what they could do, including baking for homeless people and making festive decorations for a lunch for refugees. They also want to help at the Maccabi Community Fun Run, giving out water to the runners. One of the members told us she already does envelope stuffing for a charity and another helps at her school sensory garden, so they are well on their way to getting their awards!

We wish them the best of luck and hope to show you their graduation photo soon!